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Why we are the Number 1 choice for IPTV in Malta

Our robust systems ensure we deliver a service which is next to none, providing high speed stable IPTV to our users worldwide.


We support MAG, Android, iOS, XBMC/KODI, Enigma, IP Box, PC and Smart TV.


Fast and friendly support, quick response time.



Powerfull servers and load balancers over Europe.


Incredible channel zapping time, roughly 0.5 second!

View our latest channel lists

Our tailored lists lets you choose the right package based on your channel preferences. Browse our channel lists, and grab one today!

24 Hour Trial!

Want to try our service for 24 Hours before you buy? No Problem!
Just request our trial and we will email you all the files and instructions on how to get setup and running.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have included the most frequently asked questions from our users below.
For any other questions about our services you can email us at sales@malta-iptv.com

What channels do you have?

You can view our Channel Lists here.

Can I watch IPTV anywhere?

You can watch your subscription in many different countries. No Country restrictions, except if there is any restrictions from your Local Internet Provider (ISP)

Are all channels in HD format?

We have a mixture of SD and HD channels. There is no list for it as these things change daily.

Can I use more than one receiver for my subscription?

Only one receiver can operate at the time but an account settings can be done and used on multiple decoders, except on a MAG.

Why have I not received the files yet?

We email the files to the email address used to make the payment with Paypal. Please allow up to 12 hours from time of payment, if you still do not receive our email after 12 hours please email support@maltaiptv.club

Do you provide refunds?

You have 24 hours to claim a refund from the time we send you the files by email. After that time period, no refunds are given.

Can you reactivate my subscription if it was misused?

No reactivation will be made if we see that you broke our rules.

Can I test other channels than the channels provided on the Test Line?

No. Our Test Lines are fixed to have a variety of channels from different countries. No Premium channels.

Can I change the Audio of the channel?

No, all audio streams cannot be changed. They are Fixed.

Can I have the EPG Content displayed on my MAG?

Yes, some content is being displayed but not on all our channels.


Setup Instructions

We have gathered the following setup instructions to help you easily setup your IPTV / Card Sharing service. If you need any further assistance please contact us on sales@malta-iptv.com

Device Full Instructions
VLC for Windows

Open VLC,
Select "Media" menu, and the "Open file"
Select the m3u file the one given on (Desktop or downloads)
*If your playlist doesn't show up, then select "View" menu * and choose "Playlist"
Now you will be able to change into different channels. ( Repeat if required )

KODI for Windows


KODI for Linux

First, you need to enable "Simple TV PVR" addon in order to configure any of the MALTA IPTV Channel lists.

Please see this video to enable Simple RV PVR, the configure and add the m3u file recieved.

Please follow the instructions in the following link: http://kodi.wiki/view/Installing_XBMC_for_Linux

Android OS

You can choose one of the following programs for your Android device

~Extreme-Codes IPTV~

Open " *play store* " from your Android Box/Phone/Tablet
Download " *Extreme-Codes IPTV*" and install
Open " *Extreme-Codes IPTV* " for the first time
Then you will be asked to install " *Iptv Core *"
Press install and then you are ready to use iptv.


Install LAZY IPTV from Play store.
Then select the "+"on upper right ( and add the m3u playlist given )
Select “From Internet “ by url in order that the channel list would auto update every time you start the app.

Write a Playlist name (Generic  or give it a name)
Enter the full m3u path given by our support team.
Tick out “Auto update” and then change it to always "every 24h". and save.

Select playlist manager and you will have the first IPTV channel list there.
Please be aware that with LAZY IPTV you can have multiple channel lists installed in the same app.

N.B (choose only one from the below as the one specified from your Trial or Purchased one)

To log in:

  1. Sample for "Worldwide Channels" Hosthttp://tv.malta.iptv.uno 
  2. Sample for "World Tour Channels" Host: http://maltaiptv.ddns.me

then your username and password given.

Sample Username:

Sample Password:

IPAD/IPHONE's using any IOS

You need to purchase IP Television for a one time charge of 99c
Then you can use the same credentials as like an android device/Extreme codes

Also you can download GSE Smart IPTV

open your app store
search for GSE SMART IPTV (Free App)
download the app and then open
accept the disclamer page
select the top left icon ( with 3 horizontal lines )
find remote playlist from the drop down menu
press the plus sign ( top right corner )
select "add mru url"
red message pops up with red box. press ok

Playlist name: MALTAIPTV
playlist link: this will be provided with a long sting m3u

Save. You now have a new playlist.named as: MALTAIPTV

MAG 250/254/256

Disconnect the Internet from your Magbox
Switch on the box , it will display " Page Loading Error "
Go to System Settings
Go to Servers
Go to Portals
Go to URL 1
Press KB button on remote to bring the keyboard on screen
Type the address ( this will be given when you subscribe )
Once ready , press again the KB button to remove the keyboard on screen
Press OK to save
To go back to main menu press the button with a " House Symbol "
Restart Portal
You are done

N.B (choose only one from the below as the one specified from your Trial or Purchased one)

  • Replace Portals "WorldWide" url to: tv.malta.iptv.uno/c/
  • Replace Portal "World Tour Channels" url to: maltaiptv.ddns.me/c/
    Press "ok" to save and reload portal or reboot you mag iptv box
    Your channel list is now ready.

TVIP Instructions to act like a MAG Menu:

  1. Press settings menu (near S.info button)select settings
  2. Move down until and select icon named "TV"
  3. On the right side of the display change "Content Source" into WEB PORTAL
  4. After open "Setup Web Portal"
  5. write in full the provide portal url given from our support team, and apply
  6. Use web portal should be switched to "Whole System"
  7. API mode should be switched to: MAG
  8. Press apply setting to save and reload portal.
  9. Otherwise reboot your iptv box.

 TVIP Instructions for M3U:

  1. Press menu
  2. select settings
  3. Move down until you select icon named "TV"
  4. On the right side of the display change "Content Source" into M3U-Playlist
  5. then open "Setup M3U-playlist
  6. write in full the provide public m3u file from our support team, and press apply
  7. Exit to the main menu 
  8. and open the "TV" icon.
  9. Then the list will be populated by itself if you tyoe correctly.
Enigma 2 & Satellite Boxes
  1. For Optimal IPTV performance, Stability and Compatibility, we recommend either an OPEN PLI 4 or BLACKHOLE Images for your Enigma 2 decoder/box
  2. From your satellite receiver you will need to do the following:
  3. You need to get the IP address from your receiver.
  4. It can be obtained from setup/system/network/device setup/adapter settings, It will be listed as IP ADDRESS.
  5. Then you need a program called PUTTY/FileZILLA
  6. enter the IP ADDRESS and Connect,
  7. You will get a black window for user enter “root” password “dreambox” (these are the defaults, yours might be different)
  8. Then we will give you code to paste in here.
  9. Once this is done, your channel list will be updated to contain your IPTV channels.
Smart TV's (Samsung or LG)

Activate your TV application via http://siptv.eu/activation/
Then provide us with your mac address in order to upload your IPTV Channel List into your Smart TV set.

You can download the app (free test version and paid onetime) in the official LG Apps Store in your country.

If there is no app in your country, try signing up in another country’s Smart TV Services and download the app from there (see countries list). Press here for other activation options.

Disclaimer: The application itself does not contain any free channels, but is rather just a tool to stream online video.

Running Smart IPTV on LG media devices: http://siptv.eu/faq/lg/dns_en.html

Running Smart IPTV app from USB Flash Drive: http://siptv.eu/faq/lg/usb_en.html – this method is not for impatient users and not as intuitive.

You can download the app (free test version) in the official Samsung Apps Store in your country.
New TVs can be activated after donation. 

How does it work? (Video)
Important! Works only on TVs starting from series ES. Doesn’t work on series C or D.

Foreword: The widget itself does not include any channels, It’s only a tool to watch your IPTV or OTT streams.

General Remote Control commands
P+/P and Arrow buttons – navigate pages, groups and channels.
ОК, Up/Down – bring up channel list in Play mode.
INFO, INFOx2 – show programme information.
Number Keys – direct channel selection. “0” – previous channel in Play mode.
BACK – hide channel list and info; go back to primary list; reload the widget.
EXIT – go back to widget list.
P.SIZE, TOOLS – change picture ratio.
PLAY – reload the app (in primary channel list page).
PAUSE – show current stream link in infobar.
TTX/MIX – enable 3D mode (Side-By-Side).
RED – change Audio track, where possible
GREEN, GUIDE – EPG (Electronic Programme Guide).
YELLOW – show digital clock in Play mode.
BLUE – show infobar permanently or change picture ratio (see application settings).
Changing audio language
Press RED button, select the language, press OK to set the language, press OK (RED, Back) again to hide the window.


Do you want to do an internet speed test, then follow this link: www.speedtest.net or by beta.speedtest.net


Works On All Platforms & Boxes!

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